DSLR Pro and Cons

Imagethere are many pros and cons to using a DSLR. 
The main reason why so many people have started to use DSLR cameras is because they can create a high quality video picture for a cheap price. They are very small in size, meaning you don’t have to carry around a huge box with all your camera stuff making traveling a lot easier. theres a verity of lens that you are able to buy for DSLRs, such as 50mm macro, 8mm Fisheye etc…. lens very from £70 – £1000000000.
cons – DSLR cameras are cheap, but for films they are only visually good as the sound recording on DSLR cameras is SHIT!  you can use little external mics for DSLRS such as a RODE mic, how ever the sound quality isn’t professional enough so recording the sound externally is what you’re going to have to do. 



Arden International


one of my ideas for a documentary is to do it on Arden international. Arden International is a multiple formula racing team created and run by Christain, Red Bull racing’s  F1 team principal. It currently runs teams in the Gp2 Series, Gp3 Series and the Formula Renault 3.5 series.  There’s a verity on things we could base the documentary on, such as the its the companys success and past race drivers history success. We could base it on its current up and coming racers such as Mitch Evans who’s expected to become one of the next big F1 drivers in a few years to come.

daredevil – living life on the edge

This documentary exsplors why people take risk by pursing the ultimate sesations and exstreme sports, are they simply adrenaline junkies or is there more to it? the documentary follows  Danny Macaskill who is one of the most well respected trials rider around today. Directed by Mike Christie and hosted by Danny Macaskill with  Zane Lowe being the voice over, giving the documentary a to styles to it with Dannys relating to the other athletes giving us a propper inside to extreme sports, and with Zane Lowe filling us in on the more theory side of things.  Theres a verity of locations in the documentary from race track, french alps to the top of sky scrapers where they use many different style of filming depending on the sport thats happening. For example when they do the filming for the base jumping and wing suits they use GoPro cameras as they are small to attach to them selfs allow point of view shots from athletes jumping/flying.