DSLR Pro and Cons

Imagethere are many pros and cons to using a DSLR. 
The main reason why so many people have started to use DSLR cameras is because they can create a high quality video picture for a cheap price. They are very small in size, meaning you don’t have to carry around a huge box with all your camera stuff making traveling a lot easier. theres a verity of lens that you are able to buy for DSLRs, such as 50mm macro, 8mm Fisheye etc…. lens very from £70 – £1000000000.
cons – DSLR cameras are cheap, but for films they are only visually good as the sound recording on DSLR cameras is SHIT!  you can use little external mics for DSLRS such as a RODE mic, how ever the sound quality isn’t professional enough so recording the sound externally is what you’re going to have to do. 



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