The perfect shot

I came up with the idea for the perfect shot by wanting to create an app that can help out first time film makers or photographers. The app will help them produce the best shot possible by using manual features on a DSLR camera. The app will show users how white balance and iOS  works and what it does, along with all other features there cameras have.
this app will allow users to get the most out of their DSLR camera.
How it works;
You take a picture of the shot you want with the app. The app then generated that shot up to 20 images all looking different in one way or another. some shots may have a warmer feel or a more blue tint to other shots. on personal interest to which shot the user likes they can select their favroute style of shot. once selecting the app will show them what settings to put the camera too in them conditions in order to get the style of shot they;re trying to achieve. This app will currently only feature DSLR cameras, but if proven popular it could be produced to help all cameras made, giving users who arnt use to a camera they’re using being able to get the shot they desire.

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