Test shoot

Today me and the DOP russle went to our shoot location in the war memorial park to have some test shot before we have our final shoot



The test prototype for my app the perfect shot


This is a quick simple basic video showing the basics of what my app is hoping to achieve.  For the prototype of my app i used a program called popapp.in that lets you draw out each app page where you are then able to choose sections of your app page to hyper link to other pages. I found this website very hopefully as you can get a very good idea of what your apps going to look like with out spending hours programming.

Audience research


Whilst researching and looking into other apps that offer the same kind of out come as my app hopes to achieve I decided to create a survey to gather some good feedback from my target audience that produced some good feed back for ‘The Perfect Shot’.

I first started of brainstorming questions about what my app is going to be able to do.

  • Camera layout – Types and generics
    • Storage cards – Type and formatting
    • Camera preferences
    • LCD panel use
    • Quality settings – File sizes
    • Camera menus and options
    • Alternatives to the programme mode
    • Aperture, shutter priority & manual
    • Exposure control
    • ISO, shutter speeds and F-stops
    • Histograms
    • Depth of field
    • Focal length and composition
    • Built in flash – synchronisation and b

After outlining what I wanted the app to do I then had to work out a way of bringing these all together within the app. Another thing I found out thru my questionnaire was that people like apps to be smart and simple, as a result of this I’m going to have to includse all the above points in my app, but keep it sweet and simple as possible as this is what my target audience want.

I had to make sure that this questionnaire was sent out to film makers and photographers as they are the people who are going to be getting the most out of this app, meaning I would get more acquit results from the questionnaire. How ever I have also sent out the quetionaire to people who have never picked up a camera too see if an app like ‘the perfect shot’ could help them with a camera. I want this app to make using a DSLR so simple and easy that any one using this app would be able to use a dslr with in minutes.  Currently havnt taken in enough data from the survey, but I have now started posting it on twitter in a bid to get more people to take part in my survey. The results I have from the survey so far are all roughly the same with it mainly being film makers with a good knolage of using a DSLR camera.

While developinh my idea I thought about how I first understood how to use a DSLR camera, and one of the main ways I learnt a lot of what I know today was through youtube ‘how to’ videos. A good simple Idea ive had for my app is for there to be a quick simple video to show you how to do what your trying to achieve. I have also come up with a video request idea. If there is something the app user wants to know and cant find out on the app, they can simple request for a video demonstration of what they’re trying to find out and within 24hours this requested video will be view able though the app.



Primary research

Primary Research.

Knowing what I wanted to produce as my innovation idea, I then went on to begin the initial research that I would familiarizes me with other types of apps that are out there like what I’m trying toproduce. The first thing I did was check the app store for DSLR app and film/photography apps. I first started looking a apps which teach you how to use a dslr camera. A lot of the apps I came across where all about how to use the camera function. All function of the DSLR camera that I am covering are all covered in this app along with video as I am including in mine as well.  This app show you how to improve your skills and learn every thing, but its all demonstrated to you and what my app will do will let you try it out for your self to get the perfect settings for what ever condition your shooting in. for example if your shooting in low light that all will tell you to turn up the ios. Where as an app like this just teaches you how ever thing works and now how to apply what effect to each image.   While research ideas for my app I came across a website called http://camerasim.com/apps/camera-simulator/ This website let you try out all the manual functions on a DSLR camera from the focallength, aperture, ios and shutter speed. Having something just like this in my app would be very useful as it would give users a quick simple easy way to get to grips with how every thing works and what it does.

if there is one thing I have noticed is that all of these apps have tried to be simple as possible. When designing my app I am going to make sure I keep every thing simple as possible as simple works best with the user. Complicated interface and the user will lose interest in what they’re doing.
All of the app that I have come across which performed to the level my app will where all costing around £0.69 – £2.99, with all the apps that where free weren’t that good with the areas they where covering in a lot worse detail and I personally lost interest in the app very quick. In the questionnaire i produced, one of my questions was ‘how much money a year do you spend on apps.’ From my results that i gathered i realised that everyone who had taken part in my questionnaire spent the smallest amount a year on apps, showing that none of them spend money on apps.
While research for other quick ways for first time dslr user to pick up how to use a dslr I found YouTube was very helpful with thousands of user uploading videos of them self’s showing you all tips tricks and how the camera works.



Itunes apps store



The Perfect Shot survey this survey is to gather more research on my app the Perfect Shot. With the information that i gather from this survey i will be able to see what my target audience generally prefer. In this survey i asked the users if they use dslrs much and know how to use one. i am also trying to find out the average spending users spend on apps to see where i should roughly price my app.

Prototype app


Prototype app

i am currently working on a prototype for my app that will be up in a couple of days.
Ive gone thru several different app protoyple sights and i personally found that popapp was most effective for me as it was quick simple and easy to achieve what you are looking for. The reason for this was because most other app prototypes where all animated and you had to produce what you wanted, where as popapp is where you draw the page of your app and choose certain parks of your app to hyper link to other pages you have draw up. depending on your drawing skills you can achieve a lot with this software.

sam franklin web edit


A good friend of mine who I first started filming with asked me to film him a web edit of him bmxing to help promote him as a rider to show what he’s capable of. When we first started filming this video we wanted to use the loctions of some of the UKs top skate parks. After spending up to 8 months traveling and filming all over the UK, sams riding progression had improved so much that tricked we first filmed where usless as he was now able to do the same trick but higher, smoother and with combo tricks in. After talking every thing over we decided to restart the edit from scratch and film it all at the same location, Corby Skate park the UKs biggest in door skate park. After we decided to re shoot the whole film it took us the course of twice a week for 3 weeks of filming. After the final video was produce we posteded it all over the internet and on BMX forums. Since the video has been online Sam now has a new sponsor who we are starting to film an edit for in the summer.
Their was several session where we would be filming up to 4/5 hours straight at a time, and after that session we would only have one or two useable shots for the edit. We where being very picky with that shots and tricks would go in the edit, with a lot of trial and error for different tricks from different angle and so on. When we have found the angle we want we could some times be their up too 3 hours we shooting the same 5 second trick as we wanted every thing to be perfect in order for this edit to stand out.