We are creating an app that will help film makers and photographers to help them set up their camera quickly to the best settings to do with the lighting etc. Our mission is to Make first time DSLR users be able to get the full capability out of their camera.

In the next year I’m hoping to have colleges and uni using the perfect shot, as it would help the teachers out with their workload. We’re also hoping by having a free beta version that allows users to use 50% of the app for free which users hopefully will like making them buy the full app.
currently our app is availably via the apple app store, but we are hoping to expand more with books and learning DVDs.

our unique selling point is is that this app is so simple and easy to use that anyone of any ages will be able to use this app with out an instruction book.

our future milestones are to have 40% of colleges and units using our app to help there photography and media students.


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