Rival DSLR apps for ‘The Perfect shot’

Here are some rival App i have found which my app will be going up again. a lot of them do what I’m hoping to achieve with The Perect shot. how ever none of them do it as quick and simple as  the perfect shot hopes to deliver.  Most other apps tell you how to work your camera but the user has to have in depth read in what they have to do, and can lose interst in what they are doing very quickly.  One thing i did realise was that all these apps that where to do with film photography and DSLR where all around £3-5 with several being free. with these apps being a lot more than your average app price (69p) shows that users who are down loading and buying these app are very most likely to be people with a intrest in DSLR, as its a lot of money for someone to spend who doesn’t own a DSLR





It’s not quite as free as the price suggests, given users need to buy a separate Mobile Dongle, but for those with a compatible camera, Triggertrap is an ideal tool for activating one’s DSLR camera remotely. Even better, it offers plenty of options so that it’s simple to initialize a long-exposure HDR shot, adjust the time-lapse or distance-lapse, as well as even trigger at the sound of a handclap. It’s a very effective app.


iPhone App – Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2012-04-29 :: Category: Photography

Master Your DSLR Camera
Learning all about how to use a DSLR camera is an important part of capturing great images. Master Your DSLR Camera is a great, coffee-table-esque app with plenty of advice. With a mixture of text based advice, HD video tutorials and great imagery, there’s a lot to take in. Fortunately, it’s all clearly explained and easy to browse. Plenty of situational advice is offered too, courtesy of 25 common shooting scenarios via the app’s cheat sheet section.


+ Universal App – Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-12-16 :: Category: Photography

SetMyCamera Pro
Besides offering similar remote triggering facilities to TriggerTrapSetMyCamera Pro also comes with plenty of ways to figure out the Depth of Field calculations required to take a great photo. Alongside that, it offers Shutter Speed recommendations, Field of View assistance and a distance unit conversion calculator. With plenty of functionality, it should make photographic calculations a lot simpler.

Photo Academy
A little like Master Your DSLR CameraPhoto Academy lends itself to quick consultations while out and about. There’s plenty of detailed advice on how to achieve the best composition, as well as tips on specific subjects. Alongside that is a great guide to the best settings according to each topic, plus a glossary of important terms. Users wanting to track their experience can record their expeditions in the Shoot Diary, while also recording notes on how they feel they did and what settings worked best for them.


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