We went to Gran Canaria to produce a short time lapse/ landscape video.  We stayed there for a total of 5 days giving us full freedom for the whole island. We leant a few life lessons while shooting in a different country. The main lesson we all learnt was to keep an eye on your stuff at all times as a fell student we where filming with had his laptop and bag stolen from him, meaning he lost all of his footage.  While filming this video we would go to some location to film a time lapse. Some of the time lapse we produced took up to 4 hours to film and would only last for a total of 8 seconds. But it was fully worth the time it took to make.
When we went here to produce time lapse videos, I had never even made a time lapse so this was some think new i learnt as i really do like the style of time lapse as its a good way to show time and speed for future videos. I very much enjoyed this type of photography film and will produce many more time-lapse videos in the near future.


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