sam franklin web edit

A good friend of mine who I first started filming with asked me to film him a web edit of him bmxing to help promote him as a rider to show what he’s capable of. When we first started filming this video we wanted to use the loctions of some of the UKs top skate parks. After spending up to 8 months traveling and filming all over the UK, sams riding progression had improved so much that tricked we first filmed where usless as he was now able to do the same trick but higher, smoother and with combo tricks in. After talking every thing over we decided to restart the edit from scratch and film it all at the same location, Corby Skate park the UKs biggest in door skate park. After we decided to re shoot the whole film it took us the course of twice a week for 3 weeks of filming. After the final video was produce we posteded it all over the internet and on BMX forums. Since the video has been online Sam now has a new sponsor who we are starting to film an edit for in the summer.
Their was several session where we would be filming up to 4/5 hours straight at a time, and after that session we would only have one or two useable shots for the edit. We where being very picky with that shots and tricks would go in the edit, with a lot of trial and error for different tricks from different angle and so on. When we have found the angle we want we could some times be their up too 3 hours we shooting the same 5 second trick as we wanted every thing to be perfect in order for this edit to stand out.


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