Short film – Honi soit qui mal y pense

Honi soit qui mal y pense



Evil to him who evil thinks





It is November 1st 2013, the War Memorial Park in Coventry is soon to become host to another Remembrance Sunday Service where people from all backgrounds congregate to remember those who gave their lives for the greater good of the British people and the wider world. The park is grey & dull, lacking in colour due to the time of year, the floor is wet from the rain and the skies are clouded over, setting the scene for a typical autumns day in Coventry.


Steve Austin, a 62 year old Falkland War veteran and ex-member of 2RRF of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, standing around 5ft 11” tall, slowly strolls into the War Memorial Park, a glow of respect irradiates from his body language as he progresses past various small memorials laid by the footpath, remembering people from a whole range of military and civilian backgrounds. He stops and begins to take a closer look at one of the memorials, soaking up what it represents and taking his time to read every single last letter chiselled onto the marble. Suddenly, out of what seems like nowhere a football bounces off the memorial and a small group of teenage children start shouting and kicking the ball around, running past Steve, totally ignorant of what they were doing and who they had rudely interrupted. Out of anger & sheer disappointment, Steve glares at the kids and shouts “Have some bloody respect, these are memorials, there’s a fucking play area over there!”, but his words fall on deaf ears as the children continue to run away with their ball, kicking it off everything they come close to.


A saddened look falls onto Steve’s face, showing how he feels the next generation is forgetting about what has given them the peace & freedoms that they have today. He rummages in his pockets to find his cigarettes, pulls one from the box, puts it into his mouth and begins to again walk towards the cenotaph, lighting it up as he goes.


Matty Bridge, a young offender serving time doing community service for fighting & drug use, is in the green hedged garden area near the Cenotaph in the War Memorial Park. In one hand is a broom and in the other a roll of black bin liners. He wanders aimlessly at around 5ft 9” tall, with a slightly slouched body language, showing off laziness whilst at the same time trying to look “hard” whilst cleaning the garden area. As he approaches the bench a small packet of cigarettes catches his eye, and he briskly walks over the sneak a smoke whilst working, but to his let down he finds the packet is empty, and out of anger and disappointment, he throws the pack on the floor, kicks it away, and murmurs curses to himself, showing he is under an undesirable amount of stress and clearly not enjoying his life.


At this point, Steve is standing by the Cenotaph looking over at Matty as he throws the empty packet on the floor, showing a small glint of enlightenment and curiosity, Steve begins to walk away from the Cenotaph and in the direction of Matty to see what’s up, having already recognised he was going through a hardship and clearly wasn’t comfortable. “Excuse me young man, is everything okay?” says Steve politely, with the hope he gets a civil response from someone who naturally looks unpleasant, “Na bruv, I’m cool…”, replies Matty, Steve takes a moment to see the cigarrete packet on the floor near his feet, he approaches it and picks it up, then says, “please, take on of mine”, Steve then removes his cigarettes from his pocket, opening the packet and offering them to Matty, Matty looks at Steve with minor confusion, almost like he’s asking himself why he is receiving such respect, then reaches out and takes one, “you wouldn’t happen to have a light? Mines fucked”, says Matty, almost like he’s saying thankyou in his own way, “sure, have at it”, replies Steve, pulling out a fancy “zippo” like lighter with the RRF Crest engraved into it, Matty looks down at the crest, trying to understand what it is, he looks up at Steve, puts the cigarette into his mouth and begins to light it, as he hands the lighter back, Steve says “Wanna know what that is? Come with me and gimme a hand with something and I’ll tell you as we walk, a spare pair of hands would be nice, and you don’t look too happy here anyway.” ……to be continued


Location Scout:



This frame will likely be the framing used for the opening (and potentially closing) shots of the film, being a fan of Kubric and how he used one-point perspectives, we felt using a shot like this would offer a nice contrast to how the path leading to the Cenotaph might represent a journey of remembrance.



This here is the garden area located nearby to the Cenotaph in the park, it’s variety of footpaths inside the small maze of bushes and interesting layout offers a broad way of approaching how the divine intervention between Steve & Matty can be shot, the fact that the location had a bench also aided how we visualised the location.







Character Profiles:


Steve Austin

–  62 Years Old

–  5ft 11” Tall

–  Medium/average build

–  Balding head

–  Stubble (maybe moustache)

–  British Army Veteran (2RRF, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers)

–  Honourable and caring, doesn’t like to take shit, but stumbles when it comes to dishing it out


Matty Bridge

–  17 Years Old

–  5ft 9” Tall

–  Skinny build

–  Short brown hair

–  Scrawny face

–  No facial hair, maybe some post-acne skin

–  School/College failure, looking for an apprenticeship

–  Serving time doing community service for drug possession and fighting

–  Misunderstood & aggressive, a result of a bad upbringing and motivation





Call The Shots


Creative Midlands





Production Research


Remembrance Sunday


Royal Regiment of Fusiliers


War Memorial Park





–  Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera (shoot in Prores 422 HQ – Film Mode)

–  Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8

–  Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8

–  Rokinon 8mm f/3.5

–  Genustech Eclipse Variable ND Filter (77mm thread)

–  Rode NTG2 Mic (Main audio)

–  Rode Videomic (B-roll audio)

–  Zoom H4n Audio Recorder

–  Steadicam Unit (LOAN SHOP)

–  Glidetrack Hybrid (LOAN SHOP)

–  Manfrotto HDV501 (LOAN SHOP)





–  Poppy Wreath (Type 2 – 17” diameter)

–  Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Lighter

–  RRF Lapel Badge

–  Cigarette packet (FULL)

–  Cigarette packet (EMPTY)

–  Football

–  Broom

–  Black bin liners




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