Audience research


Whilst researching and looking into other apps that offer the same kind of out come as my app hopes to achieve I decided to create a survey to gather some good feedback from my target audience that produced some good feed back for ‘The Perfect Shot’.

I first started of brainstorming questions about what my app is going to be able to do.

  • Camera layout – Types and generics
    • Storage cards – Type and formatting
    • Camera preferences
    • LCD panel use
    • Quality settings – File sizes
    • Camera menus and options
    • Alternatives to the programme mode
    • Aperture, shutter priority & manual
    • Exposure control
    • ISO, shutter speeds and F-stops
    • Histograms
    • Depth of field
    • Focal length and composition
    • Built in flash – synchronisation and b

After outlining what I wanted the app to do I then had to work out a way of bringing these all together within the app. Another thing I found out thru my questionnaire was that people like apps to be smart and simple, as a result of this I’m going to have to includse all the above points in my app, but keep it sweet and simple as possible as this is what my target audience want.

I had to make sure that this questionnaire was sent out to film makers and photographers as they are the people who are going to be getting the most out of this app, meaning I would get more acquit results from the questionnaire. How ever I have also sent out the quetionaire to people who have never picked up a camera too see if an app like ‘the perfect shot’ could help them with a camera. I want this app to make using a DSLR so simple and easy that any one using this app would be able to use a dslr with in minutes.  Currently havnt taken in enough data from the survey, but I have now started posting it on twitter in a bid to get more people to take part in my survey. The results I have from the survey so far are all roughly the same with it mainly being film makers with a good knolage of using a DSLR camera.

While developinh my idea I thought about how I first understood how to use a DSLR camera, and one of the main ways I learnt a lot of what I know today was through youtube ‘how to’ videos. A good simple Idea ive had for my app is for there to be a quick simple video to show you how to do what your trying to achieve. I have also come up with a video request idea. If there is something the app user wants to know and cant find out on the app, they can simple request for a video demonstration of what they’re trying to find out and within 24hours this requested video will be view able though the app.




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