the perfect shot – marketing plan

Marketing – my main target adience for ‘the perfect shot’ would be for new film makers and photographers as they are the people who are most likely to start using DSLRs with little knowledge of how to get the best out of the camera. The Perfect Shot would be perfect for school colleges and uni for any media photographers as if they where out on a shoot and couldn’t figure out why there shot is all blue, the app would be able to tell them they need to change their white blanche in order to get the shot they’re looking for, saving them time and effort having to get someone like a teacher to show them where they’re going wrong.
i have decided that I’m going to have two version off this app which will be available on the app store. one version will be a free beta version which will allow users to use 50% of the apps full capability. i will charge 69p for the full app which will let users get the the other 50% missing from the beta.  letting users get a feel for this app with the free beta version, I’m hoping they will find it very helpful for filming and will hopefully invest in the full app as it can benefit them for future shoot.
This app could be advertised in photography magazines such as photography monthly and professional photographer. This would be because the readers of these magazines use DSLR camera, and what this app is trying to do is to help first time DSLR users out.


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