White room salon

I’ve been going to The White Room salon for the last year or so. When the manager found out that I was doing media production at Coventry he asked me if I would be able to produce a promotional video for the salon.The video would be used to help promote them at the L’Oreal hair colour awards in London in April. After I finished the video they where so happy with it that They offered to pay for my travel, accommodation etc to film them at the L’Oreal hair colour completion but I was unable to make it as I was filming abroad.
I filmed the hairdressers as they where getting the modles ready, having their hair cut and while they where in the photo-shoot. This video took around 7 hours to film from morning to late after noon.   with only three days to edit. This is been the first time I’ve done a video on my own where i haven’t know anyone else their, so at first i was pretty nervous and shy. However when thing stated getting rolling my confidence grew and since this experience  I’ve found I’ve got a lot more confidence. The Salon Manager was very impressed with the speed I edited the video and how well it came out.  As a result to doing this video for free my £32 haircuts are now free, RESULT!!


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