During the Easter I went on P&O Azura for a two week cruise around the Canary Islands and Lisbon.  While on this trip I wanted to produce a video showing the ship and its beautiful destinations it went too, and to also use a part of my showreel to show my cinematography skills.  I produced lots of different time lapse in the video, i tried to make some shots stand out with dangeours angles such as the shot of the Azura going under the Lisbon bridge. This shot involved my camera being attached to the out side of the railing that over hung the back part of the boat, allowing me to get a side on show of the boat. Thankfull this shot all went to as planed, but if the camera was to have called of the rail it would of fell 19 stories and hit the ocean.

I will be making a follow up video to this, as I am going on the Azura end of July around Norway and will produce a video the same style as this, However i have just invested in a DJi Phantom drone where i hope to achieve shots I’ve never been able to get before.

jack bailie


A friend of mine is currently at Bristol Circus School and he approached me asking me to produce a video of him doing stunts to use as his portfolio. The video took 2 whole days to film and edit.  The location of the video is behind the old stables at jacks house in Banbury. Jack wants the video to consist of all the tricks he’s capable of doing. I originally wanted the video to only be a couple of minutes other wise It would of left like it went on for ages, but with jack wanting all the shots in the edit, the final out come was near 6 minutes. One main thing I learned while making this video is that the person you’re making the video for is always right and you most all ways produce what you want as if you don’t they may not pay you.

White room salon


I’ve been going to The White Room salon for the last year or so. When the manager found out that I was doing media production at Coventry he asked me if I would be able to produce a promotional video for the salon.The video would be used to help promote them at the L’Oreal hair colour awards in London in April. After I finished the video they where so happy with it that They offered to pay for my travel, accommodation etc to film them at the L’Oreal hair colour completion but I was unable to make it as I was filming abroad.
I filmed the hairdressers as they where getting the modles ready, having their hair cut and while they where in the photo-shoot. This video took around 7 hours to film from morning to late after noon.   with only three days to edit. This is been the first time I’ve done a video on my own where i haven’t know anyone else their, so at first i was pretty nervous and shy. However when thing stated getting rolling my confidence grew and since this experience  I’ve found I’ve got a lot more confidence. The Salon Manager was very impressed with the speed I edited the video and how well it came out.  As a result to doing this video for free my £32 haircuts are now free, RESULT!!